I'm Selicre, but I've also previously been known as x10A94, or Hyper. I like writing code, and more often than not I'd be willing to help you learn how to code as well. I do graphic design, frontend work, and high-performance backends that can serve a decent amount of clients on very modest hardware. Most of what I do is in Rust, although I also know a fair bit of JS, C, C++, Python and Lua. I also draw, and design icons sometimes, as well as create generative art.

My name is randomly generated, and doesn't mean anything. I pronounce it "seli-ker", but since it's not a real word, there's no canonical pronunciation.

  1. quasar
  2. mc-discord-bridge
  3. visions
  4. elastic
  5. ayita
  6. arithline
  7. celltree
  8. hardmordle
  9. cerera
  2. More to be filled in when I have the time.
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