Cerera - Minecraft server software with unmatched performance

Compromising on the featureset and cutting out pretty much everything out of the gameplay, Cerera provides incredible performance that scales horizontally to any amount of logical cores, with very small memory usage. This server is a work-in-progress, and a lot of things are not yet polished; if you have an event that needs to support a large amount of players, feel free to contact me.

Planned features:

  1. Easy, zero-maintenance lobby servers
  2. Compatibility with existing solutions like BungeeCord
  3. Support for up to 5000 players on a single machine
  4. Support for multiple game versions on the same upstream
  5. Built-in player groups and chat channels
  6. Sharding servers into multiple regions
  7. WebAssembly API to ensure portability, security and stability of plugins
  8. Declarative plugin permissions
  9. Raw access to network packets
  10. Fully non-blocking operations
  11. Lean specialized anti-cheat solutions
  12. Easy monetization and security for plugin developers